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coronavirus blog looking ahead

How is your business adapting in response to the Coronavirus?

The ever-changing landscape is affecting us, in all aspects of our lives right now. It’s fair to say it’s taken …

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The foundations of a great eCommerce site

A fellow developer asked the following question on a Facebook group this morning: “What features should an eCommerce store have?” The most …

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & how it affects your business

The GDPR is a hot topic right now. Companies all over the EU are looking for more information to ensure …

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4 steps to successfully maintain your WordPress website

Are you maintaining your WordPress site? Do you want to make sure you’re doing it correctly? In short, here is …

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Does my site need an SSL certificate?

Update: 09/07/2018 Google’s latest version of Chrome (due in July 2018) is set to mark all pages of sites without …

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7 simple ways to improve your WordPress website security

As a business owner with a website, it’s vital that your site is hardened from attacks. ‘Hardening’ essentially means adding layers …

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