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About Drijen Digital

Hello, my name is Drijen Shah and I am the founder of Drijen Digital.

I founded Drijen Digital in 2008, as an alternative for SMEs that want exceptional quality, service and support without large agency rates.

We collaborate with a team of other like-minded professionals to deliver that service. As well as our in-house talent, we work closely with specialists including branding experts, copywriters and pay-per- click strategists who bring deep expertise across the digital spectrum.

Over the last decade or so, we’ve helped clients from the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East in every industry from health to finance.We’ve built straightforward websites for straightforward businesses, complex sites for multinationals, and everything in between.

Our Values

Fast, Dynamic, Transparent, Collaborative, Remarkable.

Our ethos is simple. We pride ourselves on delivering beautiful, on-brand projects that drive concrete results, helping your business grow. The team we work with equally share these principles and as we look to grow, we will continue to maintain our values.

1. Discover

Let’s meet, and discover your business needs. We ask the questions that help us really get to know your concept in as much detail as possible.

We then create a detailed plan of action showing how, when and what we’ll do to meet your objectives.

2. Design

We start by creating a sitemap and fully functional interactive prototype so you can experience the foundation of your site first-hand.

We bring your brand to life by styling the site with your colours, fonts and imagery.

3. Build

Once your site looks just right, we add all the content and functionality that makes it work, such as web forms, popups, a shopping cart facility etc.

We test it across all major platforms, make sure it's up to speed and bug-free.

4. Launch

Once we're finished with the testing, we'll push the site live to your server! Congratulations!

After your website launch, we’ll give you 30 days of free support to solve any post-launch issues and recommend a suitable care plan to ensure you’re getting the most from your new site. 

The Process

Our clear 4-step process keeps your project streamlined from Day 1